The frozen field became a wake, a fox was dead, 2020
Fresco, 1700 x 60 cm
“Temple of the appearing”, Städelschule Rundgang, Frankfurt


In occasion of Rundgang 2020, I worked on an installation together with my studio mate Tamar Chaduneli.
“Temple of the appearing” had been celebrating what happens in this moment and welcomed in silence the small revolutions of the sight. On the top left and right sides of the room, Tamar Chaduneli realized two suns (one digital and one painted).

Under them, all around the perimeter of the space, I created a wake of frescoes, at the same time void landscape, horizon and frozen field, where some animals are looking at the death of a fox. The fresco drew the memory of small things, that in some special moments reappear vivid to our minds.