Scheletro (Skeleton), 2023
Installation (collages on canvas, iron structure)

Villa Reale (Monza)

“Scheletro” (Skeleton) is a quadrangular installation, designed in proportion with the size of a room in Monza’s Villa Reale where it is shown. In this way the container is related to the content, which in turn is an iron structure, an inhabitable cube, that contains something else. Rooms boxed into each other, geometries that protect their respective contents, keeping them enclosed in their own architectural layout. The ultimate content, that of the skeleton, gives life to the whole, and is the heart of the room.

One can enter it, and discover on the interior walls suspended canvases depicting natural, pristine landscapes, largely inspired by marine habitat and forest vegetation.
A protective structure, which reassembles the preparatory cartons of the frescoes, used as a 1:1 scale reference to paint walls of houses, corridors, rooms, and that seems not to preclude other life forms from entering. In the skeleton, reality and illusion make a synthesis, preventing us from discerning between the two worlds, in search of a utopian third way.